Sonntag, 17. März 2013

Organicwinepure turns 30 in March

In retrospect, we would not want to have missed any part of the 30 years we have spent as importers and merchants of organic wine, especially since we were the first ones in Germany to make a deliberate decision, based on our convictions, in favor of organically produced wines.

During this time we have had to make several adjustments to altered circumstances. We started out as wholesalers and turned into retailers with two shops in Tübingen and Karlsuhe, and for some years most of our turnover has been from the mail-order business.

What impressed us in particular was the direct personal contact to all of our vintners, many of whom were real characters with personality as well as a great deal of knowledge and enthusiasm for their profession. We were able to learn a great deal from them and to gain valuable experience. Some of these vintners became good friends during this time. We would like to thank all of them sincerely for their friendship and their cooperation and for the trust they placed in us.

However we would not be able to celebrate our 30-year anniversary without all those customers who have remained loyal to us throughout the years. Thus we do really want to say a special thanks to all those customers who have been with us for so many years, but of course  to those of you as well who have not been purchasing our organic wines for quite such a long time. We are pleased to receive each and every order, and also pleased to have the personal contact to some of you, even if it is only a few words on the telephone, a short feedback by e-mail or on facebook. We would like to thank you for this as well.

We invite you to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Biowein(pur) with us. We think you will find some of our special offers very interesting and will be surprised at the reasonable prices. These are top-quality organic wines produced by vintners who have been a part of this from the very beginning and are pioneers in the field of organic winegrowing. However our range of products also includes wines from those who joined us at a later date, giving organic viticulture a broad basis. Our special anniversary offers will be available starting in mid-March at or

Erich Hartl 

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