Montag, 18. Januar 2010

Why is wine expensive or cheap?

One reason is the amount of grapes harvested per vine or per hectare of land.

Example 1: Here are three photos which show the difference between a quality-oriented and a quantity-oriented vineyard.

This is one of only two Tinta de Toro grapes on a vine in the Nuntia Vini vineyard. The average yield is 0.8 to 1 kg per vine. One bottle of wine produced from this vine costs more than € 25.00. Is this too expensive?


The result is a naturally pure wine, to which nothing except for sulfite has been added, but from which nothing has been removed. It has a high mineral content, a lot of resveratrol, and other phenols which are antioxidant and anticarcinogenic. With its full, concentrated taste, it provides true enjoyment and stores well.

Example 2: Here you can see a part of the yield of an Ugni blanc vine in the west of France. The owner of this vine will probably harvest more than 20 kg. The wine produced from this should cost no more than € 1. However a bottle will cost about € 5.00. A good bargain?

These white grapes look beautiful, but the result is a thin, insignificant, completely neutral wine with a very low mineral content. Presumably the sugar content of the grapes is so low that sugar has to be added to the must before fermentation. In the language of wine, this process is called "chaptalization", and it is done so that the alcohol content of the wine after fermentation will be high enough for it to actually be called a wine. Since so many grapes on the vine are unlikely to be completely ripe, they have a lot of acid, which has to be removed from the wine using the suitable compounds, or rectified concentrated grape must is added to it in order to neutralize the acidic taste.

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johan.darth hat gesagt...

We enjoyed El vino del buen amor to an Entrecote, and I must say it was a pure, rich, powerful yet welcoming wine, absolutely enchanting although it was very young, and with that impeccable balance it should develope magnificent and open up further. Maybe a little closed, but for me, I am happy to feel a little tannin at first. But such wonderful nature´s gift! And really something of that mind-lifting feeling you only get from a wine with a spirit, more than just a good wine & meal companion, that extra something which is hard to explain. When I drink this wine I can really see the grape maturing, wind, heat, deep roots. It´s all in there!

15. Februar 2010 01:49

BIOWEIN hat gesagt...
Hi Johan:

your comment deserve a compliment, you describe the Vino del buen Amor better than I can do it.
And we are always happy to please you with our wines and we hope, many poeple will enjoy the this organic wine.
Thank you.
Kind regards,

17. Februar 2010 21:11